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Protein Purification Techniques Online Certification Course

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Protein Purification Techniques Online Certification Course

Master the protein purification techniques and boost your laboratory skills through this certification course.

Protein Purification Techniques Online Certification Course

In every living organism, proteins perform a vast array of functions and are highly useful macromolecules. Proteins play a fundamental role in controlling biological functions. These large and complex molecules fill many different functions in the human body and are the working molecules of the cell.

Why Purify Proteins?

Studying the structure and the function of a protein to increase its stability and large scale production, by isolating the particular protein from a mixture, is the basic aim in protein purification. Proteins have to be separated from their plant or animal source or extracted from complex mixtures before they can be isolated and studied for their properties. Protein extraction and purification are used for the preparation of commercial products such as certain biopharmaceuticals, nutritional proteins, and enzymes. For many research activities, protein purification has become an essential skill, and thus, for candidates interested to enter the industry, protein purification skillset is a major advantage.

Protein Purification Techniques Online Certification Course Contents:

  • Introduction, protein isolation methods and why purification is required
  • Properties based on which purification is done - solubility, size, molecular charge, etc
  • Chromatography principle, types - preparative and analytical
  • Chemicals used and their properties, denaturing and non-denaturing reagents
  • Salting in and out, Dialysis
  • Electrophoresis, Isoelectric focusing Techniques
  • Ion exchange chromatography & Affinity chromatography
  • Size exclusion chromatography, introduction to nonchromatographic purification methods
  • Affinity precipitation, affinity cross-flow filtration
  • Aqueous two-phase Extraction and one line dialysis by alkaline phosphatase
  • Capillary electrophoresis and three-phase partitioning
  • Common detected impurities, limitations, and drawbacks ways to remove them
  • The concentration of purified protein - Lyophilization, ultrafiltration, etc
  • Protein estimation methods, advanced techniques, and machines used in Protein purification and estimation.

Why this Purification Techniques Online Certification Course?

There is a wide range of industrial jobs, research opportunities, and varied tracks for career advancement in the protein purification industry. Designing or modifying proteins using protein engineering techniques is an important and integral component of the life science industry. The basic requirement to bag a job opportunity in most of the life science companies is having the skills to apply advanced methods to purify and characterize proteins, thus, a certification course in protein purification techniques is extremely important.

Protein Purification Techniques Online Course Mode: Online Self Learning Course

Protein Purification Techniques Online Certification Course Eligibility:

  • Students in their B.Sc / B.Tech / M.Sc / M.Tech / Ph. D
  • Passionate researchers looking forward to working further in the field of protein analysis and characterization through advanced technologies.
  • Life science enthusiasts who want to keep themselves updated regarding the recent research updates using the most talked-about processes in protein purification.
  • Any candidate seeking a career in the life science industry.

FAQs on Protein Purification Techniques Online Certification Course:

  • What Does Online Self Learning Course Mean?

You have the liberty to log in anytime and study the course at your own pace through the online self-learning course. However, to proceed to the next lesson, you must watch 90% of all the lessons and only after clearing the evaluation test available at the end of the course, you can avail a Hard copy certificate.

  • How to Activate Protein Purification Techniques Online Self-learning Course?

Add the course to your cart and purchase it to enroll for the course! The course activation email will be sent to you almost immediately after you enroll for the course.

  • How to unlock the next lesson of the Protein Purification Techniques Online Course?

To begin your next session, hit the Complete and Continue button on the top after completing a session. You will not be able to proceed to the next lesson of the Protein Purification Techniques Online Course without completing the current lesson. Ensure not to skip through!

  • What is the Course Completion Time Limit?

The course ends after your certification test. However, you can revise the course again in case you fail in the test. Until you decide to take up the test, you have unlimited access to the course.

  • How do I assess myself?

As all of our Self Learning Course has a test at the end, you can evaluate yourself by taking the test at the end of the course. Master the course and get set to test all the knowledge you have gained.

  • How to Avail the Hard Copy Certificate of Protein Purification Techniques Online Course?

You can avail the hard copy certificate of the course by clearing the test with a minimum of 90%. We will have the Hard Copy Certificate sent to you at your desired location.

  • Whom do I contact for support?

Click on that Chat thingy or write to us or whenever you have any trouble. You can instantly get in touch with our team.