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Molecular Docking Online Certification Course

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Molecular Docking Online Course

Exhibiting your skills and knowledge depth in your resume is the best way to grab employment opportunities to attract employers and scientists. Your educational qualification is the first thing that segregates you from others. You can be rest assured your knowledge level and hard work are assessed if you have an excellent academic background with additional medals to your name.

Rasayanika is bringing you an exclusive certification course on Molecular Docking. We have trained thousands of research enthusiasts across the globe to date. This Molecular Docking certification course is an online self-learning course designed to give you a deeper understanding of various types of docking. Scientists study molecular docking to determine the interaction of two molecules and to find the best orientation of ligand, that would form a complex using minimum energy. Molecular docking is crucial in computer-assisted drug design (CADD) and structural molecular biology. After the completion of the human genome project, molecular docking has attracted many researchers to the field.

There are different types of molecular docking. They are; Protein-Ligand docking, Protein-Protein docking, Flexible ligand, and rigid receptor docking, Rigid ligand and rigid receptor docking, and Flexible ligand and flexible receptor docking.

Molecular docking has become an increasingly important tool in pharmaceutical research with the development of different algorithms to perform molecular docking studies. Various algorithms like LVDI, Incremental construction, Matching algorithm, MCSS, and Monte Carlo are used in multiple docking programs.

Commonly used Protein-Ligand Docking & Virtual screening software are

  • AUTODOCK: It is one of the most used platforms for predicting protein-ligand docking studies
  • LeDock: It is a flexible, fast, and accurate molecular modeling simulation software for docking of ligands with protein targets.
  • Lead Finder: It is a free computational chemistry application used in molecular docking studies for modeling protein-ligand interactions and for the quantitative evaluation of ligand binding
  • GOLD: Software best used for Protein-Ligand docking studies.
  • Glide: It is a ligand docking program for ranking ligands via high-throughput virtual screening and predicting protein-ligand binding modes
  • Molegro virtual docker: An integrated platform for predicting protein-ligand interactions.
  • MOE: Small molecule structure building, Molecular dynamics, Virtual screening conformational analysis facilities, Graphics and manipulation, and Molecular Mechanics.

Who Is Eligible For This Course?

Life science graduates, postgraduates, industry professionals, research enthusiasts,  and teaching professionals of any stream can attend this certification course. Good internet speed and a basic understanding of life science concepts are required.

Why Rasayanika Certification Course?

  • Attend online anywhere anytime
  • Course content Meets the industry standard.
  • Timings are suitable as per the students and working professionals
  • Interactive sessions with on spot doubt clearance
  • A hard copy of Certificates will be provided on course completion that adds weightage to your profile.

Course Syllabus

Introduction to basics of Molecular docking

Day 1: Basic Chemistry Review & Drug Discovery

Day 2: Bio-molecular Structure & their Molecular Interactions and Recognition

Day 3: Intro. to Methods in 3-D Structure Determination and Molecular modeling

Day 4: Molecular Conformation & Primary Sampling Methods for Computer Simulations

Day 5: Predicting Protein Structure

DAY 6: Structure-based drug design

DAY 7: Force fields, inter and intramolecular interactions, Molecular Dynamics Simulations

DAY 8: Combinatorial Library Design and Atomic constant

DAY 9: Introduction to software’s used in molecular docking- Demonstration

FAQs- Molecular Docking Online Course

  • What Do You Mean By Self Learning Course?

With Rasayanika's online Molecular Docking Online Course, you can learn the techniques whenever you want by logging into the course. However, you can proceed to the next lesson only when you have completed 90% of the lessons and you have to score at least 90% marks in the test if you want a Hard copy certificate.

  • How do I enroll for Molecular Docking Online Course?

Add Molecular Docking Online Course to your Cart >>> Proceed to Checkout >>> Complete the payment >>> You are enrolled.

  • How do I begin the Molecular Docking Online Course?

You will get an activation email after you enroll for the course. Complete the course at your own pace! Begin the course whenever you can. You don't have to bend your schedule.

  • How can I move to the next lesson of the Molecular Docking Online Course?

Hit the Complete and Continue button on the top after you complete a session to move to the next session. You cannot proceed to the next lesson unless you complete the current lesson. So never skip through.

  • How much time do I have to complete the Molecular Docking Online Course?

You can watch the course until you want to complete the course. Your access to the course will end once you give the certification test. You can revise the course if you couldn't pass the test.

  • How do I assess myself?

To evaluate yourself, take the test at the end of the Molecular Docking Online Course. There will be a test at the end of every self-learning course.

  • How to apply for the hard copy certificate?

If you succeeded in scoring 90% in the test, you can avail a hard copy certificate. It will be sent to your home address. 

  • Whom do I contact for further queries?

Click on that Chat thingy or write to us at if you have any queries.