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Enzybiotics Certification Course

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Enzybiotics Certification Course

Antibiotic Enzymes as Drugs and Therapeutics discusses the upcoming research and applications for a new technique to combat infectious diseases caused by microbes - the Enzybiotics.

Enzybiotics, the combination of words "enzymes" and "antibiotics", is a promising field to regulate bacterial or fungal infections by using viruses or lysins. This new method is an amalgamation of microbiology, biotechnology, biochemistry, and medicinal chemistry. In terms of providing career opportunities, Antibiotic Enzymes as Drugs and Therapeutics is a substantial course.

A new division of Antibiotics - Enzybiotics 

The Discovery of the antibiotic penicillin & other antibiotics has been among the significant clinical contributions to mankind. These antibiotics have increased the life span of people, so it has actually been under study for several years. But, antibiotics have additionally brought its disadvantages. Antibiotic resistance is a significant hurdle in antibiotic usage. As time passes the difficulty in discovery as well as designing new antibiotics has become a burden due to antibiotic-resistant microbes.

Enzybiotics have been discovered as a result of this challenge. Enzybiotics are a class of antibiotics used to treat bacterial as well as fungal diseases, either in combination with antibiotics or alone. At the end of the lytic replication cycle, these endolysins break down the bacterial cell wall of the infected cell.

Enzybiotics are protein molecules that offer a reduced probability of bacterial resistance and high specificity in killing their target pathogens. Gram-positive and Gram-negative bacteria can be inhibited using endolysins. Studies on these are still ongoing and they have gone into various phases of preclinical and clinical trials.

It is believed that enzybiotics will certainly have a promising future to control the medical community by helping in combating the antibiotic-resistant pathogen strains and further studies are being carried out on exploring the new potentials of enzybiotics.

Advantages of the Enzybiotics Certification Course in regards to career advancement

Sectors, where you can join after finishing the certification course on antibiotic enzymes successfully, are as follows:

Pharmaceutical industry- As resistance built by the microbes for contemporary antibiotics is increasing, this sector will certainly crave for students having knowledge of Antibiotic Enzymes. As drug resistance develops, the search for new antibiotics is expanding harder. Doors have opened for Antibiotic Enzymes as bacteria grow smarter, trying to escape the effects of antibiotics. You can easily enter the pharma sector if you gain sound knowledge from this certification course. Students with knowledge in this field can be hired as scientists, technicians, or employed in short projects.

Food Industry- You can easily get placed into the food industry if you have an understanding of Antimicrobial enzymes, which play a substantial role in degrading the structural parts of microbes. Antimicrobial enzymes are also used as preservatives in food.

Farm industry- Enzybiotics are used to boost the health of the farm animals, endolysins and holins enzymes secreted by bacteriophages can efficiently eliminate Gram-positive, Gram-negative, and several other types of bacteria infecting the poultries. Therefore, if you have a fortress on this course, you can be placed in industries cultivating livestock. These are just a few sectors where one can get employed after finishing this certification course on antibiotic enzymes, there are more opportunities for getting jobs in different sectors as continuous research studies are ongoing in this field.

Content of the Enzybiotics Certification Course:

  • Enzybiotics – Introduction, types and their potential applications in medicine
  • Advantages of using antibiotics as therapeutic agents
  • Benefits of using phages as therapeutic agents
  • Disadvantages of using antibiotics as therapeutic agents
  • Disadvantages of using phages as therapeutic agents
  • Enzybiotics as selective killers of target bacteria
  • Phylogeny of enzybiotics
  • Bacteriophage lysins: the ultimate enzybiotic
  • Bacteriophage holins and their membrane disrupting the activity
  • Anti-staphylococcal lytic enzymes
  • Membrane-targeted enzybiotics
  • Design of phage cocktails for therapy from a host range point of view
  • Identifying phage lytic enzymes: past, present, and future
  • Use of genetically modified phages to deliver suicidal genes to target bacteria

Who is eligible for the course?

Enzybiotics needs to be understood from basics as one requires to know about Enzybiotics, how it came into existence, where it is isolated, why it is presently preferred over antibiotics, what are the various Antibiotic Enzymes, what is their mechanism of action as well as how it is being exploited as medications and treatments. One must understand the details associated with this certain method to control the growth of microbes to go pursue research in this area. So preferably, we can claim this enzybiotics certification course is for beginners.

The individuals who are experienced can also apply for this certification course on antibiotic enzymes as their experience to grow and handle microbes, perform tests on microbes, check their development, as well as death, will provide an edge to them over the beginners when one looks for a job in a certain research field. There is a growing need to develop new disease-fighting agents like Enzybiotics, as more and more number of microbes are finding mechanisms to evade the drug effects.

Frequently asked questions

What is an Online Self Learning Course?

You can log in and study at any time anywhere. You should watch 90% of all the lessons to continue to the following lesson. If you want a hard copy of the certificate you must clear the evaluation examination, which will certainly be available at the end of the training course.

How to get started with the Enzybiotics Certification Course?

You will get the activation email as soon as you register for the certification course. The self-learning course does not require you to bend your routine.

How to unlock the next lesson of the Enzybiotics Certification Course?

To start your next session/class, click on the Complete and Continue button on the top when you complete a session. Ensure that you don't skip through the sessions as unless you finish the present lesson you can not proceed to the following lesson and you will get the hard copy on;y if you watch 90% of the classes.

What is the time limit to complete the Enzybiotics Certification Course?

You will get unlimited accessibility to complete this self-learning course. This self-learning course ends once you have given your certification test at the end of the course. You can revise the training course once again if you fail in the test.

How do I assess myself?

Once you finish all the sessions, its time to evaluate all the expertise you have actually gained through the course. You will be asked to take a test at the end of the course to assess yourself.

How to get the hard copy certificate after the certification course?

You can avail the hard copy of the certificate only after taking the test at the end of the course. You must clear the test with a minimum of 40% to avail the certificate. Once you pass the test, the hard copy of the certificate will be sent to your address.

Whom should I contact for any assistance?

You can always get in touch with our team for any support. Write to us at or or click on that Chat thingy to chat with us.